Communities of Production and Sharing in Greece

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* Documentary: Knowledge as a common good: Communities of production and sharing in Greece.


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Vasilis Kostakis, P2P Lab:

"The free/open source software and design communities; hackerspaces and the do-it-yourself enthusiasts; movements for an independent Internet; initiatives for free/communal wifi and open access to knowledge; permaculture communities… What do all these have in common? Are they unrelated cases or coincidences? Or could they be seen as seeds of a new civilization full of contradictions and chances for renaissance and change? This documentary — a low-budget yet sublime production — narrates the story of several Greek-based, knowledge-oriented communities that are building the world they want, within the confines of the fragmented world they want to transcend."

For English subtitles, go to “settings” on youtube and press ‘cc’


Film Director: Ilias Marmaras

Film Production: Ilias Marmaras, Panos Vittorakis

Camera: Panos Vittorakis, Voltnoi Brege

Film Editor: Panos Vittorakis

Research Team: Antonis Broumas-DLN, George Papanikolaou – P2P Foundation, Prodromos Tsiavos – ΕΛ/ΛΑΚ

Music: Drog A Tek, Voltnoi Brege



3.when you've done it all

4.transition one

5.Arpegio vocals

My Other Trio

Soprano Sax: Giannis Skoulidas

Piano-Drums: Haris Antoniou

Bass: Kostas Kouris

Graphic Design: Voltnoi Brege

Sound: Spyros Aravositas-Prosenghisi

Audio-visual material has been used from the following groups and collectives:

  2. Frown
  3. Fablab Athens
  4. hive project
  5. HUM[ERUS]
  6. ΕΛ/ΛΑΚ (Greek Free/Open Source Software Society)
  7. project ΑΚΤΙΝΑ
  8. DLN (Digital Liberation Network)
  10. P2PLab
  11. AWMN (Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network)
  12. σπιθάρι waking life
  13. P2P foundation
  14. τοlabάκι hackerspace

The interviews for “τοlabάκι” are taken from (Marios Dionellis)

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