Common Knowledge in Greece

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"Greece is going through the 6th year of recession. Austerity policies imposed by IMF, ECB and the Greek political pro-memorandum regimes, foster an unprecedented crisis in economy, social life, politics and culture. In the previous two decades the enforcement of the neoliberal politics to the country resulted in the disintegration of the existed social networks, leaving society unprepared to face the upcoming situation. During the last years, while large parts of the social fabric are expelled from the state and private economy, through the social movements which emerge in the middle of the crisis, formations of physical and digital networks appear not only to official politic and finance circles, but also as grassroots forms of coexistence, solidarity and innovation. People come together, experiment in unconventional ways of collaboration and bundle their activities in different physical and digital networks. They seek answers to problems caused by the crisis, but they are also concerned about issues due the new technical composition of the world. In doing so they produce and share knowledge.

The website is intend first to research, document and produce audiovisual footage, in co-operation with the communities created last years in Greece, which produce, reproduce and share. These communities aim to set a basis for creation of the common knowledge beyond the grid of thanatopolitics, of the enclosures and of the reproduction of suffocation."