Chris Cook on Regenerative Land Partnership

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How partnerships can solve funding needs.


"Since March 2011, Chris has been a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Security & Resilience Studies at University College London conducting action-based research into networked, decentralised, and hence resilient, 21st century legal frameworks and 'Open Capital' market instruments.

On the principle that if you network resilient communities the result is resilient countries, Chris has been piloting bottom-up community development of resources and people and in particular simple but radical new frameworks for land use and investment.

On the 4th of November 2016, he spoke on a novel approach to funding called, “land partnership”, which is a non-debt equity purpose-led collaborative partnership approach to funding innovation, and new relationships with the land."

More information

  • Source: "Every Family Needs A Farmer Conference," Penrith, UK, 4 November 2016, produced by 3LM in collaboration with Savory Institute.
  • Video produced by Saffron Knight: