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During the week of June 5 to 12, 2016, the Mutual Aid Network of Madison, Wisconsin, with Stephanie Rearick, organized a mapping week to identify resources and alternative value flows in and around Madison, in order to create more equitable economic development.

The material here are the kind of resources and organizations that were identified during that proces.

Participating in the MAN Up Madison Mapping Summit

Key Generic Resources

Not specific to Madison:


Key Local Resources




Income and Resource Generation (incl. money and currencies)


As compiled by Bob Haugen and Lynn Foster [1]:

Collaborative Consumption


  1. Allied Community Cooperative ; Function: Economic Organization

Cooperative and Coworking Spaces

  1. Art In ; Function: Community Workspace
  2. Horizon Coworking ; Function: Community Workspace
  3. Sector 67 ; Function: Community Workspace (a Community Workspace / Hackerspace / Makerspace / Collaborative Environment in Madison)
  4. Synergy Coworking ; Function: Community Workspace


  1. Badger Rock Neighborhood Center [2] (Produce solar electricity)
  2. Full Spectrum Solar ; Function: Produce solar electricity


  1. Carts 4 Community ; Function: Food production
  2. Community Action Coalition ; Function: Urban gardening
  3. Divine Orders Catering ; Function: Process food
  4. FEED Kitchens ; Function: Food Biz Incubation (Food Enterprise and Economic Development (FEED) Kitchens is a project of the Northside Planning Council of Madison)
  5. Food for All ; Function: Food recovery (Healthy Food for All increases distribution of locally grown produce in areas where it is not otherwise readily available) [3]
  6. Madison Area Community Land Trust ; Function: Urban gardening
  7. Mother Fools ; Function: Food retail (co-owned by Stephanie Rearick, co-founder of the MAN)

Health and Wellness

  1. Madison Area Wellness Collective Function: Provide health care


  1. Homeless Services Consortium ; Function: Provide housing
  2. Joining Forces for Families ; Function: Provide housing
  3. Lothlórien Co-op ; Function: Provide housing
  4. Madison Area Community Land Trust
  5. Occupy Madison ; Function: Housing (Building Tiny Houses)

Industry / Machinery / Tools

Social Justice Organizations

  1. MAN (Mutual Aid Network ; Function: Economic Organization
  2. Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice ; Function: Organizing


  1. Isthmus Engineering ; Function: Transport people