MAN Up Madison Mapping Summit

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= "The MAN UP Madison Mapping Summit June 5-12 2016".



Stephanie Rearick:

"We are building a new economy by creating a legal, social and financial framework to help people redesign their work lives and use more comprehensive and resilient kinds of resource sharing and exchange to support themselves and their projects.

People start a Mutual Aid Network cooperative for any purpose - could be to feed everyone on the block, could be a global travel/culture exchange, regional watershed restoration, group of friends wanting a work redesign - and through the networked structure we help each other with both the sharing and exchange tools and the social/legal processes for collectively stewarding projects and resources.

Individual MANs and their supporters are (voluntarily) connected in one big coop, called the Main MAN, incorporated in Wisconsin and open for global membership.

During this week-long working summit we will convene world-leading technicians and peer-to-peer economy designers, including Michel Bauwens of P2P Foundation, together with local leaders, organizers, and interested residents.

We will identify and map existing assets, show how creative resource exchange and sharing can provide more equitable distribution, and create infrastructure to develop those circuits and resources that are lacking as we move toward local self-sustainability.

We will include a vision for a basic human livelihood and show quite visibly how we can voluntarily, joyfully redistribute wealth through currently available practices.

Then we will act on what we learn."

More Information

  • the place: Art In 1444 E. Washington.
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