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= Software for resource flows in ethical and sustainable economic networks

URL = http://mikorizal.org/

"We are developing software for transitioning to the next economy. Not this economy, the next economy. The next economy must be driven by human and ecological needs rather than profit. And it will be networked".?


"We have created software for open value networks, local food networks, worker cooperatives, and others. We also have done some work to discover gaps in a regional economy.

We develop the software in close collaboration with groups who are working on the ground. This means the software supports these groups very well. As we work with more groups, the software gets more able to support different kinds of groups, and also just better.

The software learns as we do.

The main software supports the operational and accounting needs of an economic network. It is kind of like ERP for networks. NERP? (rhymes with DERP)

Our software is open-source from top to bottom, and we are committed to maintaining that. We would like to expand our open source community, and welcome people to work with us.

We also want to work with people creating other pieces of the puzzle to support next economy groups. Eventually it would be great to have a suite of interoperable infrastructure software to make it easy for groups to register their needs and abilities and organize networks to use their abilities to meet their needs."


  • Network operational software

This software is currently known as NRP/VAS for Network Resource Planning / Value Accounting System. It is operational software for peer-to-peer networks that are creating something and experimenting with different economic relationships. So this could be open value networks, food networks, worker cooperatives, and others. Could even be small business ecosystems. It involves defining the network, planning the requirements, coordinating the work, and democratically sharing the benefits.

?* Regional economic ecosystem analysis

This software works on the same resource flow model as the operational software, except at the next level up. It can be used for local and regional economic planning, identification of problems in the resource flows, and gaps that are opportunities to be filled. Communities can define different clusters of resource flows within and in and out of the community, and analyze these. This is the one that connects to the whole ecosystem if you want it to.

?* ValueFlows: Network interoperability

This is a project involving a number of people and software organizations who want to create open vocabulary and protocols so that next economy networks can inter-operate with each other. We want to create a way for networks on different servers, and/or different software packages, to talk the same language. With some other people, we've created a repository for working on this. We think this ongoing work has a lot of promise for creating ever-increasing networks of networks." (http://mikorizal.org/)