Local Economic Development Resource Flow Mapping

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= "resource flow models of local economic clusters, with added features for economic analysis and visualization".

URL = http://locecon.org/


Bob Haugen and Lynn Foster:

"Our goal is to develop a system where intelligent and dedicated - but non-expert - people can work together to analyze and then improve their own local economies.

The idea is that by defining, modeling, and gathering data to see the local economic picture as it is, people in an area can do what-if's, and identify gaps and opportunities. Then organize and act on the knowledge.

We start with resource flow models of local economic clusters, then add a lot of features for economic analysis and visualization. So far, that means resource maps, radial graphs, network and resource flow diagrams, function-resource tables, gap analysis and value-added reports. Lots more to come.

After analysis, we want to assist in planning and formation of local economic networks. For example, we want to provide features to help develop proposals and business plans." (http://locecon.org/about/)