Yochai Benkler and Michel Bauwens on Mapping the Way towards a Commons-Based Society

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Video via https://vimeo.com/146224655; Audio via https://soundcloud.com/berliner-gazette/yochai-benkler-and-michel-bauwens


"The commons have become the most exciting space for the critique of capitalism and also a scalable social practice. No longer limited to an avantgarde, the commons could take our societies beyond the constraints of markets and states – as Yochai Benkler and Michel Bauwens observe. In a talk recorded at the UN|COMMONS conference those two leading thinkers and practioners of the commons look back at experiences from the past 20 years and present outlooks for what we are able to change at the macro level if we continue to struggle for the commons.

Yochai Benkler is the internationally acclaimed author of “The Wealth of Networks” (2006) and the co-director of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. Michel Bauwens is a commons theorist and the founding director of the P2P Foundation, a global organization of researchers working on peer production, governance, and property.

Listen to their talk with an engaged audience and watch an interview with Yochai Benkler recorded on video at the UN|COMMONS conference in Berlin ."