Videos for a Course on Online Cooperation and P2P

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Peer Production Theory

  1. Axel Bruns Vlogs on Produsage
  2. Bre Pettis on the Open Source Making Methodology


  1. Bob McCandless on the Future of Collaboration
  2. Bruce Lipton on Why Natural and Human Evolution is Communal, not Individual
  3. Campbell Mithun on Sharing Attitudes 2012
  4. Collaborating in the Networked Organization
  5. Collaboration and Collective Intelligence

Network Society

  1. Aaron Swartz on the Shift from Centralized Systems to Networks
  2. Aaron Swartz on the Transformations in Media and Society Due to Networks
  3. Andrew McAfee on Combining Hierarchy and Networks

P2P Economics

  1. Adam Arvidsson on the Crisis of Value and the Ethical Economy


Open Design

  1. Alex Haw on Open Source Design

Open Innovation

  1. Charles Leadbeater on Collaborative Innovation
  2. Chris Lawer on Co-Creation in Business

Distributed Manufacturing

  1. Adrian Bowyer on Personal Manufacturing
  2. Adrian Bowyer on Rapid Prototyping
  3. Alice Taylor on Personal Manufacturing
  4. [[Alicia Gibb and Ayah Bdeir Explain the Open Source Hardware Revolution
  5. Behrokh Khoshnevis on Automated Construction through Contour Crafting
  6. Bre Pettis on Rapid Prototyping
  7. Catarina Mota on Open Materials
  8. Chris Anderson on How the Internet Is Changing the Face of Manufacturing
  9. Chris Anderson on the New Manufacturing



  1. Are Open Source Communities Sexist

Subjective and Motivation Factors

  1. Alan Watts on Passionate Production

Landmark Examples


  1. Arduino's Open Source Hardware Business Model

Floss Manuals

  1. Andy Oram on the FLOSS Manuals Project


  1. Bre Pettis on Creating Hackerspaces
  2. CCCKC 2011 Panel on Maker Movement, 3D Printing, and Fabrication


  1. August Black on GNU Linux and the Political Aspects of the Free Software Movement
  2. Brian Behlendorf on Apache and the Apache Foundation


  1. Bre Pettis on the History of MakerBot


  1. Adrian Bowyer on the RepRap
  2. Adrian Bowyer on the RepRap Project
  3. Adrian Bowyer on the RepRap Project Lab
  4. Andrew Bowyer on the RepRap Project


  1. Alastair Parvin on the Wikihouse Open Source Construction Set
  2. Alastair Parvin on Wikihouse's Open Source Architecture


  1. Athina Karatzogianni on Wikipedia’s Impact on the Global Power-Knowledge Hierarchies
  2. Benjamin Mako Hill on What Eight Collaborative Encyclopedia Projects Reveal About Mechanisms of Collective Action