Collaboration and Collective Intelligence

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Collaboration and Collective Intelligence: Panel at MIT Communications Forum

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"Collective Intelligence" and "the wisdom of crowds" have become central buzz phrases in recent discussions of networked culture. But what do they really mean? What do we know about the new forms of collaboration that are emerging as people work together across geographic distances online? Are we working, learning, socializing, creating, consuming, and playing in new ways as a result of the emergence of our participation in online communities? What have we learned over the past decade that may help us to design more powerful communities in the real world? What lessons can we carry from our Second Lives into our first? (


Mizuko Ito, research scientist, USC Annenberg Ctr for Communication Cory Ondrejka, chief technology officer, Linden Lab Trebor Scholz, professor, media studies, SUNY Buffalo Thomas W. Malone, moderator