United Transnational Republics

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= A global grassroots movement to establish democratic participation within globalisation

URL = http://www.transnationalrepublic.org/


"Our Positions:

   We have global problems but only local governments.
   We need global citizen representation in order to tackle global issues.
   Running the world on national and corporate goals will only aggravate global problems.
   If we the people want to participate in globalization, we better get organized. Bottom-up and not top-down."


"The United Transnational Republics (UTNR) is the first known “3GO”: a Global Governmental Grassroots Organisation working towards the democratisation of the globalised world we find ourselves in:

Democracy as we know it since the last two centuries only takes place within nation-states. At the same time globalisation happens globally, outside of national definitions, legislation or agreements.

Obviously, there is no democratic representation of the individual on a transnational, global level. This leads to inherently undemocratic processes within globalisation. Currently, outside of the nation-states only consumer and national interests are being represented. Unfortunately, both our national as well as our consumer interests are in conflict with our global interest: the preservation of our environment, world peace, establishment of transnational legislation etc…

In order to realise democracy on a global level, the current political system needs to be expanded by one additional federal layer of representation: Citizen of a city, of a country, of a Transnational Republic.

In this system all citizens of the world will be represented by their Transnational Republic of choice; together, the various Transnational Republics are forming The United Transnational Republics, where they are representing their citizens’ transnational interests – just as the various nation-states are assembling into The United Nations representing national interest.

Currently, the First Transnational Republic has around 5.000 citizens from 100 nation-states." (http://www.utnr.net/global-governance/)

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