Lands of Sheraga

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= a free and open source conglomerate nation comprised of a variety of interlocal governing bodies.



"The Lands of Sheraga are a free and open source conglomerate nation comprised of a variety of interlocal governing bodies. Together, these governments form an aerocratic meta-structure in which they work together. Aerocracy is an eclectic societal structure in which multiple forms of government and arbitrary groups can peacefully co-exist and develop shared cultural values.

Except for a group of people holding themselves to the Sheragan charter, and communicating with other Lands, there is no single standard for a Land or province. The most basic concept of the Lands is a decentralized conglomeration of collaborative groups that work together to foster shared cultural values asserting freedom, responsibility and friendship.

Sheragan Government

Most communities are in need of some form of leadership. A way of making decisions and choices that affect the group as a whole. Ideas concerning ideal government in this world are a-plenty, of course, and so the founders of the Lands of Sheraga saw no need to invent a new one. Many different workable forms of government are readily available for specific contexts.

In many - if not most - forms of government we may percieve mainly three functions of leadership we call regents, watchers, and jurists. These three have historically been part of numerous government structures for millenia in one form or another. The philosophy of the Lands of Sheraga holds that these functions form an acceptable basis for organizing local governance, and many of the worlds nations already have large systems based on it.

In most of the Lands of Sheraga a regent, watcher and jurist as small leadership body serve a local community. At the very core of Sheragan culture we percieve open collaboration. Between individuals, between communies and their local leadership. Each acts as both a safeguard against possible excesses of the other two, as well as cooperating with the others to ensure that any decision made and solution reached for is the best one possible for that specific community.

Open Collaboration

Not a single form of group effort in the Lands of Sheraga would ever work without open collaboration. In fact, between people this is the key to cultural development. It is very much based on the idea that everyone, and every single person, has something to contribute. This cooperation isn't limited to the Lands themselves. Any Land of Sheraga should also strive to collaborate with the world around it.

Wasting resources is seen by Sheragans as something detestable. The wasting of wealth that could benefit others who have less, of land that could be fertile, housing to let live, or the wasting of natural resources through exploitation by all sorts of destructive and artificial means. Cooperation in some of these contexts could at times mean quite literally 'trading with the earth' – taking what it has to offer us in resources and in return taking care of it in order to replenish what it has given.

Sheragans believe that collaborating with each other and with the world we live in is the only way - at length - that humanity will prosper. This is not just a matter of progress. It is essentially a matter of the survival of liberty, safety, care and even of human culture itself." (