United Nations Major Group Commons Cluster

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Lisinka Ulatowska:

"The United Nations Major Group Commons Cluster consists of UN ECOSOC-accredited organizations and other members of civil society dedicated to working with Governments and the UN to supply the global community with ideas and initiatives to achieve sustainable development at all levels that are already being applied by the grass roots, cooperative and socially responsible businesses, and sharing communities using a commons approach. Because a commons approach involves all stakeholders taking responsibility for and benefiting from the good stewardship of resources and productivity, it fosters social cohesiveness, caring stewardship for natural and social resources, and economic effectiveness even in times of economic down-turn. At the UN, aspects of the commons are also variously being referred to as “sharing societies”, the shared economy, the “collaborative/solidarity economy”, and/or “cooperatives”, which are the business branch of the commons with (according to UN statistics) one billion members worldwide. Where commons use an all-win approach—i.e. are dedicated to the well being of all people and nature—it lies at the very heart of sustainable development. "