To Feel Like Paying

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  • Article: Nicolás Mendoza. To feel Like Paying.



"Discussions about P2P production are usually limited to non-rival products like software or music, but eventually dismantling the capitalist system will require all production to be P2P-able.To Feel Like Paying is an analysis of Lentil as Anything, a restaurant in Melbourne where patrons choose how much they would like to pay. The restaurant is specially interesting as it brings the key element of rival goods (actual food) into the challenge of P2P production.

What started as a mechanistic idea - how does the desire to pay arise?, resulted in the understanding of a deeper kind of knowledge: If it is legitimately based on the conviction that the only serious way to pursuit happiness is to provide happiness, collective trust can start flowing so copiously that money eventually disappears. This dynamic results in collective empowerment, self-determination and happiness.

The lesson of this heterotopia of trust, is that the structures CAN be sustainably broken through a mix of consistency, creativity, joy, and the radical leap of faith of unconditional generosity." (