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Jump to navigation Jump to search is a "Hosted, Self-Provisioned VoIP Telephone System" It uses the Venture Commune governance model. See their flagship product Dialstation



Dmytri Kleiner:

"Telekommunisten is a collective, what makes us different from a co-op is that our goal is not to be one co-op, but a network of independent collectives who employ a common stock of productive assets. In otherwords, not even the individual co-ops own their means of production, but all the individual members of all the co-ops own all productive assets collectively and the actuall co-ops/collectives rent them from the collective "Venture Commune"

This ties in to our distinction of peer production as being distinct from either collective or propertarian production:

Propertarian production, such a in a capitalist firm, is chracterised by workers who do not have any means of production, and must sell their labour to non-producers who own title to the land and capital which the direct producers employ.

Collective production, such as performed by a co-op, is characterised by workers employing a collectivly owned stock of productive assets.

Peer production is characterised by individuals or collectives of workers independently employing a common stock of productive assets.

In the first form all workers are exploited by property owners, in the second form, richer collectives could exploit poorer collectives, in the third form, unearned income, i.e. Rent, would be spread accross several collectives, thus all members of all collectives (within the venture commune) get a fair share of the collective income.

It is import to understand that this is our goal, at the moment we are one collective, we must first build enough demmand for our products and services to begin forming and federating with other collectives." (email 2009)

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