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Dialstation is the flagship product of the German worker coop, Telekommunisten, proponents of Venture Commune ownership and governance model

It's both a method for cheap international calls by mobile phone, and a budding mutualized banking system.


From the announcement:

"Dialstation is the ideal way to make international calls from your mobile telephone. Inexpensive and convenient, dialstation works with any normal telephone and does not require any special software.

Epoch-defining revolutionary changes in transportation and communication, along with the growth of the informal economy and trans-local communities are changing the world. Many of us have friends, family and business contacts in different countries. Communicating internationally is increasingly a daily fact of life.

In order to make international calling affordable, new ways of calling have emerged. Most people have heard of Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Calling Cards, however each of these have their drawbacks. VoIP requires you to make your calls from a computer or IP telephone, which is not always possible. Calling cards are not always available, and cumbersome.

Dialstation is a prepaid calling service designed to be used from your mobile phone. You can make a call my sending an SMS, calling the voice gateway or by using the unique "Personal Direct Number" (PDN) system.

Dialstation gives you Personal Direct Numbers for the people you call most often. For each person you call frequently, Dialstation generates a unique phone number that you can save in your contact book. You can use the PDN to reach this person simply by telephoning directly to it, as often as you like, with no codes or calling card numbers to remember.

Dialstation is very inexpensive. Rates to many countries, such as China, Argentina, Venezuela, Australia, the USA and Canada are just 3 Euro cents per minute. European Landlines are also just 3 Euro cents per minute. Mobile telephones in most European countries are 17 Euro cents per minute. Calls to Russia and Brazil are just 5 Euro cents. Calling India is just 9 Euro cents per minute."

More Information

For more information please see http://www.telekommunisten.net