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= The Internet is a sea of conversations, streaming through connections. And these patterns create meaning.


Introductory Citation

Dominiek ter Heide:

" We need a web that’s dynamic and centered around humans. A web in which data flows in a smarter way. A web that understands you and makes the proper data find you. This web doesn’t look like a database or a graph. It’s a web that’s intelligent, dynamic and sometimes chaotic. It’s the digital equivalent of the human brain." (


Kevin Leversee:

"It is at the synapse, the "gap" between one neuron and another, where neural connections are consummated to create pathways that, when used, are reinforced with additional connections and, when unused, are "pruned" to make way for new, more useful pathways. It is these incredible chemical bridges that define the patterns of communication that, at any given time, define our cognitive capacity.

We believe that this evolving view of neural science provides an increasingly apt metaphor for what we call the "Synaptic Web" in that the connections between objects are more important than the objects themselves. The question is; how are these connections changing to create new experiences? In other words, there is an opportunity to stop looking at the nodes and start looking at the space between them.

The exploding variety, speed and flexibility of electronic connections - those between people, data sets, applications, the real world and the online world, gestures and meaning and content and communication – is at the root of what some have called an evolving “collective intelligence.” Thus, the Synaptic Web is about the evolution of the Internet from document delivery platform, to a platform for communication ("2.0") and now towards something much more profound: a dynamic web of adaptive "organic" and implicit connections whereby real-time information flows give structure and meaning to previously unconnected sets of data. The Internet is a sea of conversations streaming through connections, and these patterns have meaning." (

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