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= Wezer designer, Association Valeureux co-founder


"Former Information System Consultant, she is designing and engineering cooperation tools for 25 years. She proposes an empowering Organic System to unleash our potentials, individually and collectively. She calls it “ontogogy” meaning “to lead the Being" from ὤν (ôn, ontos) : being and άγω (gogie) : lead, train, guide. It integrates flow optimisation, business management , human potential development, ancient wisdom24, spiritual teachings , arts and humour to create wealth in all forms. Her wish is to contribute to create favourable conditions so we can build a fair, beautiful and joyful world!

Passionate from childhood about ways of living well altogether, she investigated all around space and time to find appropriate solutions. Her journey makes her focus on cooperation as way to attune ourselves, having certainty that “there is enough for all to live well, we just need to agree on how”. Adventurous and quite early aware about how the system works, she sees money system as a heavy leverage, and started to spread awareness since 2007. Driven by Law of Economy, she also chooses to serve only benevolent actors and groups, and at the same time she gives awaking sessions to Business Schools and writes books. In 2009 she co-founded Valeureux NGO in Paris with 9 followers of Jean-François Noubel, and she is now the formal president. She became a Community Forge NGO associate in 2011. She is offering all over Europe awaking games, active trainings, team facilitations, cooperation design and new paradigm consultancy. Free from constraints, she devotes herself to bring a wind of hope, and to provide common goods sovereignty tools to citizen communities.

After 16 years focused on IT solutions and then 10 years on human dynamics, her current work embraces both, plus social innovation and business performance! She is developing Wezer, an open source cooperation platform to boost solidarity economy actions and actors. Based on a popular ERP, Wezer was born last January and has already been adopted by several community groups."

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Interview by Michel Bauwens : "100 P2P Women: Sybille Saint Girons"