Sustainability, Openness and P2P Production in the World of Fashion

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* Research report: “OpenWear. Sustainability, Openness and P2P production in the world of fashion”. EDUfashion project, 2010. Curated by Bertram Niessen.


(It is released under Creative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.)


"The report has been realized with the contribution of: Studio Poper, Ljubljana; Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Milan; Copenhagen Business School, Center for Creative Encounters, Copenhagen; Ethical Economy, London; Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engeneering, University of Ljubljana."



Chapter 1: A path towards networked artisans (by Bertram Niessen)

Chapter 2: Studying the structure of the fashion system (by Oleg Koefoed and Lise Skov)

Chapter 3: Open Source, p2p, social innovation and clothing (by Bertram Niessen)

Chapter 4: Sustainability in fashion (by Oleg Koefoed and Lise Skov)

Chapter 5: Interviews

- Open-p2p-design. Massimo Menichinelli, participated future (Txt: Bertram Niessen)

- Small creative entrepreneurs on a conference in Seattle. An interview with Andrea Porter (Txt: Alessandro Delfanti)

- Small creative entrepreneurs on a conference in Seattle. An interview with Laura Venell (Txt: Alessandro Delfanti)

- Consumer’s new clothes. An interview with Clean Clothes Campaign in Italy (Txt: Zoe Romano)

- “Made by hand. Searching for meaning in a throwaway world”. An Interview with Mark Frauenfelder (Txt: Bertram Niessen)

- The renaissance in the world of craft An interview with Becky Stern (Txt: Bertram Niessen)

- P2P, clothing and material production. An interview with Michel Bauwens (Txt: Bertram Niessen and Zoe Romano)