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= spiritually-oriented, productive community in Egypt, inspired by anthroposophic principles (three-folding) and practicing biodynamic agriculture



The Economy of Love

Juan Bottero:

"SEKEM also sees ownership from a different perspective, which is based on the ethos “Economy of Love”. Thomas described that he sees no owner for SEKEM. “SEKEM should own itself and the people within our community are all contributors to the idea, to the common vision. “Economy of love” can be more than fair trading principles. It should be an open and transparent value generation, and the added value should be fairly spread within the supply chain and used for the development of the individual and the community in all regards: education, research, arts, nature. And it should help all of us to push toward a circular economy, zero waste, and sustainable agricultural practices.”

Spirituality is deeply embedded in the way of living and working at SEKEM, which wells up as the main source of inspiration and innovation that keeps this 40-year-old initiative alive. “Spirituality plays a big role in SEKEM, especially for the members of SEKEM’s Future Council. Those are the ones who constantly work on SEKEM’s vision and future leading steps. We then certainly have great people working on implementing the vision and objectives, but it always needs those who can envision the next steps. The Future Council also meets every day in the morning for half an hour to read a book together, or discuss something, which is not directly related to work.” The content of spiritual work is widespread, which makes the work broader and not limited to a particular viewpoint. He added, “An initiative such as SEKEM couldn’t sustain itself without spirituality– because we need to connect to the cosmos and the spiritual world to get a glimpse into the future.”