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Kaveh Yazdani:

"In the past few months, more and more public figures have spoken out against leftist and liberal versions of identity politics. They raised concerns about the dangers of ‘cancel culture’ and increasing attacks or virtual shitstorms, especially at the hands of people of color (POC), feminist and LGBTQ+ communities. They are worried about the increasingly hostile culture of debate and are alarmed by the threatening prospects of Germany’s freedom of speech and social cohesion. These public figures include political scientist Ulrike Ackermann; the writer and television presenter Thea Dorn; the philosopher Markus Gabriel; the chief editor of weekly paper Die Zeit, Giovanni di Lorenzo; and the politicians Oskar Lafontaine (Die Linke), Gesine Schwan (SPD), Wolfgang Thierse (SPD) and Sahra Wagenknecht (Die Linke), just to name a few protagonists of the recent debate. A network of 70 rather conservative German-speaking academics (Netzwerk Wissenschaftsfreiheit, the ‘Scientific Freedom Network’) had already joined forces in February 2021 to oppose peer pressure, cancel culture and political correctness. Meanwhile, the number of its members has more than trebled." (