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SEED conferences examine the interplay between the most advanced modes of western thought, such as quantum metaphysics, and the participatory consciousness traditions of Native Americans.


See also the other SEED: the Social Economic Environmental Design Network


"SEED (Source for Educational Empowerment and Community Development) was founded in 1996 to bridge indigenous wisdom and modern knowledge, established disciplines and new leading edge fields, and experiential and academic learning. SEED is a 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit educational organization. In the year 2005, SEED is launching a Graduate school, called SEED Graduate Institute, granting an MA degree in "Original Thought" with areas of study in Indgenous Ways of Knowing, Global Ecology, Science and Cosmology, Integral Healing, and the Expressive Arts.

The mission of SEED Graduate Institute is to provide a synergistic, interconnected holistic education that can empower individuals to find their true calling in service to their community and the natural world. For more about SEED Graduate Institute. Our school is located in the heart of Albuquerque's West Side community, just south of I-40 and Coors Blvd.

For its first five years of existence, SEED operated exclusively as an open university, establishing a learning network of classes, seminars and workshops in northern New Mexico and beyond. An open university is about teachers teaching their life passion to students who want to be there; not for credit, but because they are genuinely interested in the course material and because it can make an immediate difference in their lives. Since 1996, over 8000 students have participated in SEED programs.

Since 1999, SEED has sponsored an annual summer camp for children, called SEEDlings, and the Language of Spirituality Conference, featuring quantum physicists, Native American elders and linguists. SEEDlings Summer Camp seeks to bring to our future generations much of what we offer to adults. The camp emphasizes environmental education, Native American practices and story-telling, mind-body disciplines, and the expressive arts. It is held in conjunction with Hummingbird Music Camp in the beautiful Jemez Mountains."

The Language of Spirituality Conference is an international conference conducted primarily in a talking circle dialogue format, and has included Nobel Laureate physicist Brian Josephson, Leroy Little Bear, former Director of Native Studies at Harvard University, and authors Fred Alan Wolf, Joseph Rael and Nancy Maryboy, among others. The history of the conference goes back to 1992, when Leroy Little Bear first approached David Bohm, and initiated a dialogue with Bohm, David Peat, Sagesh Youngblood Henderson, Dan Moonhawk Alford, and others, sponsored initially by the Fetzer Institute and then MIT. The 1992 dialogue coincided with the 500th year since Columbus came to Turtle Island, and completed a cycle in which indigenous, holistic thinking, once suppressed and disregarded, reemerged on equal footing with leading edge Western science. SEED agreed to sponsor these historic dialogues when funding sources ran dry, as they are the embodiment of our mission. Leroy Little Bear has been the moderator of all the dialogues.

SEED now sponsors four annual conferences: The Language of Spirit (formerly the Language of Spirituality) in the summer, the Art and Soul conference in the winter, the Ecology Conference in the spring, and the Integral Healing conference in the autumn." (