Pospi on Developing the Holo REA Project for Ecosystemic Accounting

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Podcast via https://soundcloud.com/user-376287461/holochainpodcast-2-pospi-sam-holo-rea-resource-event-agent/s-5wpgP


"In this episode we interviewed Sam, known online as Pospi. He is one of the lead developers from the infamous Holo REA project. Pospi (or Sam) is a career web and games developer who has built everything from safety training simulations to national news websites and weather data systems.

Since 2016 he has worked in the blockchain industry, and created many of the supply chain tracking systems at Everledger which is supply chains for diamonds before moving on to ConsenSys, where he contributed to a range of Ethereum-based enterprise applications and pitched a venture aiming to make conscious consumerism more conscious.

His interest in blockchain stems from a deep desire to create a more ethical planet, and this same desire drew him towards the world of "resource accounting" and attempts to create economic models which focus on what's real, rather than operating through the lens of money.

His current work in the Holochain ecosystem is another step on this journey."

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