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"The goal of the Open Sustainability Network is to build a unified collection of relevant online tools and practices to help students and teachers build effective programs in appropriate technology and social entrepreneurship. Specifically, the OSN is focused on impacting the training of future innovators and managers who will need to effectively tackle a set of profound global challenges through the creation, commercialization and institutionalization of sustainable enterprise and clean technologies." (


"The need for an OSN became apparent following three meetings in early 2007: the Business, Engineering & Sustainability Workshop, the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship, and the NCIIA Annual Meeting. During each of these meetings separate discussions addressed the need for an online portal of appropriate technology and social entrepreneurship; with each discussion approaching a problem with a unique approach and audience.

A series of Open Sustainability Network (OSN) online workshops are planned to build an understanding of, and collaboration between, relevant online tools targeting appropriate technology, social entrepreneurship, and international development. The OSN is meant to be a conduit toward collaboration, and the workshops are intend bridge disciplines to connect and learn from relevant online tools to help scale up for more effective impact in teaching, research and practice as it relates to appropriate technology and social entrepreneurship. The workshops will be run as online collaborative discussions, with participation open to all those interested who have access to a computer and internet connection." (


The network is currently inactive, but the vision is carried on by:

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