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= Open Source Spimes project ?


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"OpenSpime is a project of WideTag Inc, a technology infrastructure company providing hardware and software solutions for an open Internet of Things.

Our technology enables individuals and corporations to better understand their environment, through the use of a series of GPS-enabled sensors. We provide a set of open APIs and communication protocols to manage the data collected." (


"CO2 monitoring is just the first app, of course, as the OpenSpime way of looking at things could potentially be applied to many other fields, and transform alot of "independent" hardware (such as cars) into "social" and environmentally-aware hardware.

The whole infrastructure is built on an open framework, which means that once they roll this out (it's at prototype stage for now) everybody will be able to use it freely. "It's almost all open source and creative commons", says Leeander, with only one exception: the SpimeID, which is a certification mechanism based on encrypted ID numbers that they've designed to ensure the transmitted data can be trusted. Selling and managing the SpimeIDs (which presumably will cost only a few euros or dollars) is what will bring to OpenSpime the revenues to run the system.

Again, it's all prototypes for now, but pretty cool and very promising." (