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Opensourceproductdesign is a platform that wants to connect opensource and product design. All aspects of the design are to be considered.



"Why design and opensource?

Design is one of the main engines for innovation, is occupied at present however with only 10% of the world population. Opensourceproductdesign offers the possibility of developing necessary products that can be of advantage to the public and it also makes consumer and styling-oriented Design available for the further order in order to develop new kind product Design on basis of the internet and opensource.

How can I participate? Click on designprocess, and participate in one of the product design processes, without sign up or login! Post critics and comments, help to develop a new product.

You can also join the discussion, however there, a sign up and login is required.

Or you can send an e-mail to [email protected] with a new problem to solve or a basic idea of a new product and start a new process.

What do I get for participating?

Three scenarios:

1. You have a basic idea of a new product concept, but you don't know how to develop it further? You could set the base for a new product solution at

2. You know what good solutions are, and you would like to improve a conventional product solution? Then you might be the person that brings forward the developing process.

3. You are a producer and looking for good product solutions.

At you might find the right product solution, potential consumers and you can profit from increasing improvements of the products by the open design process.

What happens to the design profession?

The customised designprocess will ever have its position, especially in an individualised secret process. But the opensource product design process could speed up and improve the process in case of product solutions in a collective, cooperative matter.

Production - prototypes?

At present opensourceproductdesign is still in the test phase and offers no thought out concept for production and trade. A goal is however to make available the final results of the running product developments as rapidly prototyping file (.stl) or manufacture guidance. The development of the prototypes depends on the engaged participants of a product design process, and is perhaps comparable with the commitment of programmers of opensource programs."