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= a range of avionics as free and open source hardware designs, available via MakerPlane


"MakerPlane, the open source aviation organization, and Vx Aviation, are pleased to announce the availability of a range of avionics as free and open source hardware designs. The plans and installation instructions are available at no charge for download on the MakerPlane website. The Vx Aviation avionics designs include audio devices, such as tone annunciators, mixers, stereo music adapters and cell phone interfaces that work with any aircraft radio or intercom systems. Also included are annunciator lamp controllers and wiring hubs that greatly simplify avionics interconnect. MakerPlane will be offering electronic kitsets, printed circuit boards and fully assembled units based on the open source designs.

“We are very excited to add these designs to our database of open source avionics. These will certainly appeal to many aircraft builders looking for a low-cost, modular and simple solution for audio and wiring requirements.” said John Nicol, the founder of MakerPlane." (

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