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= The Open Science Federation is an open source computer scientists, citizen scientists, and scientist-scientists, science writers, journalists, and educators, and makers of and advocates for Open Data, Open Access, and Open Source and Standards.



Mission is to open science. In most regards, Open Science is simply proper science — reproducible, extensible, remixable, and accessible.

A recent work has been to build a federation of publishing and social networks, initially for the SciFund Challenge, ScienceOnlineSeattle, ScienceOnline Bay Area, and ScienceOnlineVancouver, and since then many others. SciFund’s network of researcher blogs and sites, for example has spawned another, Open Notebook Science Network. Altogether, this federation is comprised of now more than a thousand individuals sites and blogs, serving researchers and labs, event series, and workshops and working groups such as the People Matter Project hosted within the Communications Lab network.

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