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What is an open movement?


Proposed definition by Michael Bauwens:

1. An open movement is a movement which uses open inputs, both in terms of people and in terms of cultural material.

Being open to people means that an open organization welcomes the input of everyone, without a priori filtering of contributors. However, this openness may be qualified by the purpose of the organization, and appropriate anti-hijacking (against spamming, trolls, etc…) and netiquette-based rules.

Using open cultural material means that it uses content that is open for usage and modification, i.e. either material that is already using open licenses, or material that is newly created through such licenses.

2. An open movement uses open and transparent governance processes. Open movements use participatory governance structures and aim to lower the threshold of participation. The working of the organization are transparent and verifiable, including for aspects such as its accounting practices, its collective choice mechanisms, etc…

3. An open movement produces for the commons, and insures that its own production is open and free where possible. Where costs need to be recouped and income generated for its producers, it does so based on the principles of equity, both towards its own producers and towards the users of its products.

More Information

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