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From the Wikipedia:

"The Open Gaming Foundation (OGF) was founded by Ryan Dancey as an independent forum for discussion of open gaming among the members of the fledgling open gaming movement. The OGF consisted of a web site and a series of mailing lists, including the OGF-L list (for general discussion of open gaming licensing issues) and the OGF-d20-L list (for discussion of d20-specific issues).

The most common criticism of the Open Gaming Foundation was that it was primarily a venue for publicizing Wizards of the Coast. Ryan Dancey was an employee of WotC, and discussion on the mailing lists tended to focus on d20 and the OGL (both owned by WotC) rather than on open gaming in general.

Like most efforts to publicize "open gaming", the Open Gaming Foundation did not gain widespread support, and the most recent update to the OGF web site (as of January 2007]) was on 4 August 2003. However, the OGF mailing lists continue to be active, particularly the OGF-d20-L list, which is a haven for various d20 publishers." (

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