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In Education

"Open Assessment – there we refer to the practice of obtaining and displaying credentials demonstrating what one has learned, and therefore of the process and procedures leading to the assessment of such credentials, and instead of maintaining and enforcing a monopoly on the recognition of learning. In Connectivism and Connective Knowledge, for example, we published assignment directions and questions, as well as rubrics for the assessment of these assignments, and stated that any external agency that wished to assess students (who in turn wished to be assessed) attending our course could do so. This, in a given ‘course’ there is not a single mode of assessment, but can be as many as there are students, and the assessment of individual accomplishment is not only separated from the presentation of course content or the conduct of course instruction, it is independent of it." (IDC mailing list, June 19, 2010)

In Peer Review

"The traditional peer review process is substantially supplemented by a public peer review process in which the community of active researchers from all over the world has a hand in the evaluation process. Due to interactive peer review and public discussion, economics provides fast and efficient quality assurance. Within a two stage publication process, much of the research evaluation takes place after rather than before an article is published. Prizes for the most outstanding papers in special fields are awarded. " (


"OpenTest is a project that aims to build a global question and test item database as well as an online testing platform. People can upload, edit, remix questions and tests, as well as curate contents and execute the evaluations. For more information please visit: