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C. Wess Daniels commenting on Jarrod McKenna:

"McKenna traces a number of trends he’s seen pointing to a growing desire to engage Jesus in our contemporary cultures in radical ways. Some of these communities he names are Christian Activist Network, Waiters Union, Pine Gap 6, Convergent Friends, and Peace Convergence. He’s using terms like “Emerging Peace Church Movement” and “Open Anabaptism” to delineate a new impulse among a really broad range of Christians. A stirring of the Spirit we may think of as continued embodiment of the Radical Reformation.

I too have witnessed in my interactions with people from various traditions that many Evangelicals, Liberals, and everyone in between, are looking for some kind of new (or different) lens from which to understand our faith, Jesus, Scripture, Culture and the Church within the world. Anabaptism as a tradition is all encompassing and contains within the intellectual framework to bear the weight of an influx of many traditions into it’s vision.

He says,

“The enduring legacy of this important 16th century multifaceted movement which, “insisted that any “spiritual” reformation that needed the backing of a military knew nothing of the power of Spirit”, (Ray Gingerich) is not monopolized by any one tradition.” (