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= proposed flow-through organization that would link collaborative spaces to users in a open network



Tiberius Brastaviceanu:

"It is unfortunate, and even ironic, that today collaborative spaces operate according to a logic of competition, fighting for users and waiting their members to be faithful. This might come from revenue constraints, in order to support their physical infrastructure they operate on membership fees.

These collaborative spaces need to be in synergy with each others, to operate according to a logic of co-evolution. They must form an ecosystem which becomes resilient if it facilitates the flow of users.

These collaborative spaces need to coordinate in order to offer complementary resources and services. Moreover, they need to understand how users want to interact with them and accommodate their needs. Furthermore, they need to observe the pattern of pathways that users establish between them, and work to eliminate barriers.

In order to be able to sustain themselves, collaborative spaces need capturing mechanisms. In other words, they need to capture something from the flow, in terms of pay-per-use fees, membership fees, documentation, prototypes, visibility, etc." (