OKCon 2011 Panel on Open Hardware and Open Standards

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Panel by Alison Powell, Dannie Jost, Massimo Menichinelli and Jürgen Neumann, June 30th at 12:00, Track I

Alison Powell is a Fellow in Media and Communications at the London School of Economics, researching digital media policy, politics and advocacy. Her research examines the role of hackers, activists and advocates on the structure, function, and policy environment of the Internet. Her PhD, awarded in 2008, focused on the cultural and policy contributions of community wireless networking to Canadian cities. She has recently given attention to internet governance issues such as net neutrality and the conflict between child safety and freedom of speech, while continuing to critically investigate the role of open source modes of production on the democratization of communication.

Dannie Jost spent a few years studying biology, chemistry and physics and living in some cool places then landed in Switzerland to fall in love with a place called Bern. It was love at first sight, and it is a love hate relationship. By accident she was elected to that city’s parliament where she brings her liberal democratic views of governance and discovers that in political life there is a lot of emotion and a bit of rationality at play, and a lot to learn about that thing that they call life.

Her present day job as the science advisor at university institute where trade law and economics are taught and researched is all about inventing the path between the chaos of human affairs and the Utopian view of how it all should be ordered. More: wti.org/ ​people/​jost/​

Jürgen Neumann is a consultant for ICT strategy and implementation who has worked for major German and international companies and non-profit projects for more than two decades. In 2002 he co-founded freifunk.net, a non-profit campaign to spread knowledge about open wireless networks. In 2007 he started the Open Hardware Initiative which in 2008 organized the first Open Technology Summit in Taiwan. Recently he is trying to ramp up the Open Source Hardware and Design Aliance and is lobbying for more open licensing models for the radio spectrum at openspectrum.eu.

Massimo Menichinelli is a designer working and researching on open collaborative projects and the systems that design them since 2005. He’s the founder of openp2pdesign.org, a community for the research and design of open, complex and collaborative projects, systems and processes, and has participated to conferences and has given lectures and workshops in Italy, Spain, Finland, South Korea, Singapore. Massimo Menichinelli is currently a doctoral candidate in the Media Lab of the Aalto University – School of Art and Design (Helsinki). His research covers co-design methodologies,tools and processes; open, collaborative and user-driven innovation; open and distributed organizations and business models; fabbing technologies and open manufacturing systems; social and technological innovations for cities and regions.

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