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  1. What is neo-patronage? Matt explains.
  2. Thomas provides an example of an artist utilizing neo-patronage: cartoonist/animator Nina Paley.
  3. Matthew points to Another Sky Press, a publisher that lets customers decide how much they want to pay for a book.
  4. Matthew also mentions Amanda Palmer.
  5. Chris mentions Magnatune, which allows customers to set their own prices for music.
  6. Some artists have used The Ransom Model (or crowd-funding) to support their efforts.
  7. Jill Sobule’s 2009 album, California Years, was entirely funded by her fans.
  8. Did the audience J.C. Hutchins created when he released the 7th Son podcasts let him down when it came time to pony up for the print edition?
  9. Mur Lafferty offers a variety of content for free: novels, short stories, dramatized fiction and advice for “wannabe writers”.
  10. John Scalzi is another author who successfully used free content to launch a successful (science-fiction) writing career.
  11. What does a creator owe their audience?