Michel Bauwens Introducing Peer Production for the World Commons Week of the IASC

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Video via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjz4SFcrAt0&t=55s

Introduction and overview of (commons-based) peer production. Includes a historical overview of the evolution of the commons throughout history.


"In this talk we will present an overview of ten years of observation and analysis of the emerging commons-centric economy, through which contributors to commons projects create livelihoods. What is the relationship between the commons and the market ? How should we look at strategies to create 'generative' entrepreneurial (or as we call them: 'entre-donneurial') coalitions that maintain and enrich common resources. Does the public sector have a role in supporting such initiatives? We will look at this intersection both from the point of view of the individuals and communities involved, and from the point of view of institutional design at the larger scale." (https://www.worldcommonsweek.org/michel-bauwens)