Master's Degree in Social Rights, Tecnopolitics and Digital Culture

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= organized by Simona Levi et al. in Barcelona, with remote participation, first iteration starts October 2017



"The Master Program in Civil Rights, Technopolitics and Digital Culture (common goods, democracy and communication in the information age) trains active agents in the new models of strategic initiative that are taking place in the context of the information age. Multipurpose professionals who carry out new forms of organization and initiative and lead transforming sectors as well as those under transformation.

Throughout the course you will be trained in the new digital rights; you will learn the dynamics of network operation and the many options they offer; you will learn how to design, manage and lead the transformation of policies to fit the current context; you will discover new forms of communication and participation; you will learn new methodologies for the strategic design of action plans; and you will understand the possibilities of the digital context and data for perfecting abilities and skills in all professional fields.

The Master Program in Civil Rights, Technopolitics and Digital Culture is aimed at professional journalists, lawyers, political cadres, public managers, entrepreneurs, economists, activists and managers of the third sector and organizations in transformation processes as well as researchers and academics in social sciences and humanities. Also for managers in organizations and institutions that promote participation programs, networking, social responsibility and advocacy." (


Recommended by Michel Bauwens

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