Mark Pesce and Ellie Rennie on How the Blockchain Will Transform Our Society

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Speakers in order of appearance: Mark Pesce, Michel Bauwens, Ellie Rennie


Event held by the Office for Digital Government on 21st October 2016.

Sharon Ede writes:

"Michel Bauwens, Mark Pesce and Ellie Rennie at the Blockchain event held in Adelaide, 21 October:

Mark provided a ‘plain English’ explanation of Blockchain and its possible applications, showing the audience how it works and why it’s a revolutionary method of ensuring trust.

Michel took the audience on a journey from ancient Sumeria to Wall Street as he examined the history and workings of trust and commerce, discussing both the opportunities and challenges of Blockchain in sharing and market economies.

Ellie then expanded on the theme of opportunities and challenges, reminding the audience how quickly technologies can become ubiquitous and the need to ask ourselves how the ‘rules’ need to change in response."