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= MMT by Blockades, "do-it-together practical education workshops on crypto-related topics for marginalized groups".



" MMT stands for Magic Money Tree, or Margins Merkle Trees, or Mutual Margins Tributaries, or Mutual Margin Tendencies, or Margarine Margins Together. The project is about a software platform for grassroots collective crypto speculation and assisting community driven peer-to-peer (person-to-person) cryptocurrency education at the margins. In a nutshell it aims to assist and uplift peer-to-peer do-it-together practical education workshops on crypto-related topics for marginalized groups.

The main motivation of MMT stems from the potentially transformative implications of P2P technologies such as Distributed Ledger Technologies. But these can be truly transformative only if their development and application is coupled with a distribution of power, in the form of information, tools, skills, access or resources, as another peer in marginalised communities. This requires education and skill sharing for localized communities of people to reconfigure the new skills, tools and access to meet their specific needs.

MMT is funded by, which is described as “a critical research practice specialising in rapid experimentation, design & prototyping; working at the intersection(s) of autonomous co-operatives, big (enough) data analytics, blockchain research/development, new economic spaces, modular microservice architectures & the undercommons”."

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