James Peyer on Open Hardware PCR

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Video via http://vimeo.com/12330301#at=0


"Otyp, a group interested in bringing biotech into education, has designed their own open hardware PCR. They’ll be looking to lease this equipment (along with other supplies and education packages) to high schools for about $600 a class with 24 students per class. According to James Peyer (one of the founders of Otyp) these leases will be available starting with the upcoming 2010-2011 school year."

More Information

  • . Lava Amp is a handheld PCR device under development by Guido Nunez-Mujica; aimed towards bringing PCR to hard to reach areas around the world, where it may serve as a valuable lab tool in the efforts to fight disease. [1]

URL = http://www.lava-amp.com/