Interpersonal Co-Creation

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Jorge Ferrer:

"Interpersonal co-creation emerges from cooperative relationships among human beings growing as peers in the spirit of solidarity, mutual respect, and constructive confrontation (Ferrer, 2003; Heron, 1998, 2006). It is grounded in the principle of Equipotentiality, according to which ‘‘we are all teachers and students’’ insofar as we are superior and inferior to others in different regards. This principle does not entail that there is no value in working with spiritual teachers or mentors; it simply means that human beings cannot be ranked in their totality or according to a single developmental criterion, such as brainpower, emotional intelligence, or contemplative realization. Although peer-to-peer human relationships are vital for spiritual growth, interpersonal cocreation can include contact with perceived non-human intelligences, such as subtle entities, natural powers, or archetypal forces that might be embedded in psyche, nature,or the cosmos (e.g., Heron, 1998, 2006; Jung, 2009; Rachel, 2010).Interpersonal cocreation affirms the importance of communion with spirit in-between (i.e., the situational dimension of the mystery) and makes participatory spirituality intrinsically relational." (