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Joseph Brookes:

"Technology installed inside the human body, known as Internet of Meat, has begun its journey through Gartner’s trademark hype cycle. While it’s early days, the analysts say IoM has a high potential benefit for organisations despite the security and privacy risks.

Adoption generally remains low, however, with IoM offering end users little more than convenience outside of some interesting medical applications, according to the Gartner research.

In Gartner’s latest Hype Cycle for Internet of Things released last week, analysts define IoM as “technology that is (at least partially) installed inside the body, connected and accessible via wireless communications, making the human a part of the connected world, even if only intermittently or temporarily”.

The technology is not necessarily new — pacemakers and pet ID chips are now commonplace — but Gartner analysts say commercial and more advanced medical use cases are on the rise, with several well established IoM vendors." (

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