Igbo Women's Councils

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"The Women’s Councils central to the Igbo dual-sex political system have a proud history of resistance to colonial exploitation, notably at times of capitalist collapse, as during the Women’s War of 1929. Pre-eminent among African anthropologists, Ifi Amadiume listens to recent historic dialogues of Igbo elders trying to come to terms with the destruction of indigenous religion. This fascinating article is of special interest to women who want to know what Goddess materially means when her worship and celebration are inextricably entwined with women’s socioeconomic and cultural status.

In an era of Christian-missionised village capitalist ‘development’, that particular Goddess – Idemili – has come under savage attack, and with her, women in their marketplace." (http://www.radicalanthropologygroup.org/old/journal_04.pdf)

More Information

  • RAG 04, pp. 44+: Re-placing Gender and the Goddess: Layers of Ethnographic Disruptions and Discourse

In dialogue with Igbo elders, Ifi Amadiume explores the consequences of a history of ‘faith interruptus’ as missionaries and developers impose their vision of modernity.