God is What Happens When Humanity is Connected

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Video by Jim Gilliam: Why the Internet is my religion.

URL = http://www.livestream.com/pdf2011/share?clipId=pla_8a026681-a944-4459-a735-6ff526f72b5a


""I owed every moment of my life to countless people I would never meet."

From being taken seriously as a child to the lung and bone marrow transplants that saved his life, Jim Gilliam has a lot of reasons to be grateful to the Internet. Raised in a conservative Christian household, he lost his faith in God after the death of his mother and his own cancer diagnosis. In this video, he describes how he found faith again—this time in the power that's possible when people come together.

Gilliam explains his faith: "God is what happens when humanity is connected. Humanity connected is God." (http://www.yesmagazine.org/happiness/jim-gilliam-the-internet-is-my-religion?)