Geotribal Paradigm

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Troy Wiley:

"What happens after the flip? Well, I think we retribalize on a glocal level (global and local), but in a healthy holistic way; not in a way that creates separation. We begin to recognize and allow for the fact that there is not “one right way to live”, and that not all people need to live as I do. We will finally realize that we are one global geotribe that allows for the beautiful diversity of many different tribes of people coexisting within the open-source circle of humanity. People can go off and find their unique tribe which is a perfect match for their heart and mind and spirit. Each and every tribe will be allowed and encouraged to live in a way that works for them as long as it doesn’t interfere with other tribes living in the way they want. We will have geek tribes, the freak tribes, the burners, the techies, the tree huggers, the scientists, the new agers, the light beings, the atheists, the religious tribes, the intergalactic beings, the LGBTQ tribes, the artist and musician tribes, the indigenous tribes, the individualist libertarians, the anarcho-primitivists who want to wear loincloth, and even the traditional values tribes (who now have a healthier expression of their worldview because they are not threatened by economic survival and politically manipulated). Just like how one flower is not better or worse than any other flower, or doesn’t hate or feel threatened by any other flower, merely because it is different, we begin to appreciate the added beauty of each flower’s diversity, as it enriches the whole garden." (