Fundacion de los Comunes

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= Spanish foundation in support of the commons



"Commons Foundation is a private foundation in nature, non-profit, whose stake is to become a tool for social transformation through three main objectives:

  • Generate new business model that overcomes the void or limit the responsiveness of traditional institutions to the critical economic, social and political we are going through
  • Creating and sustaining centers of critical thought and action, to serve shifter motor through ideas but also of effective practices of new forms of life
  • Establish a center of critical enunciation, solvent and documented, which markets new paradigms of interpretation of reality and new proposals for transformation. New in the sense of analysis and Overcoming paradigms or trite, or too mired in outdated visions to sink your teeth into reality and give it a certain shift in a direction of true social justice, distribution of wealth, access knowledge, joint management of common goods and services and real democracy

Our Board comprises:

  • President Metrolab Association, represented by its chairman, James Fernandez Paton
  • Vice President: University Nomad Cultural Association, represented by its president, Don Carlos Ignacio Prieto del Campo
  • Secretary, Cultural Association Trafincantes of Dreams, represented by its president Antonio Hernandez David Gamez
  • Vocal, Ateneu Candela Association, represented by its Chairman Don Andres Padilla partoja"