Finance as a Commons

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Hazel Henderson:

"Re. the financial system as a part of the commons , see the “Transforming Finance Declaration” , signed here at Ethical Markets Library in 2010 by a group of market players ( and published in CADMUS ,Oct, 2010 the journal of the World Academy of Art and science , also at ).

Our Declaration states that “ finance is a part of the global commons “ and that today’s global casino rests on electronic platforms, the internet , satellites and communications largely financed by taxpayers , and therefore is a key part of public infrastructure .

In the report of the Global Commission to Fund the UN , THE UN:POLICY AND FINANCING ALTERNATIVES,Eds. Harlan Cleveland , Hazel Henderson,Inge Kaul, FUTURES,Elsevier Science, London (1995 , 1996) we called for a financial transaction tax and that all commercial uses of the global commons should be based on fees and mis-uses ( currency speculation , arms sales, etc.) fined , with funds going to various charitable agencies, e.g. UNICEF . ( available on Amazon)."