FOSS Governance Fundamentals

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= report published by FOSS Bazaar



"This document is intended for a cross-organizational audience, and includes software development, auditing, legal, procurement, operational risk management, technology strategy, and line of business departments.

For an organization to successfully deploy or develop FOSS, a system of proper IT governance and management is critical.

The use of FOSS in an organization carries a unique set of complexities. Techniques commonly used for the governance of traditional software do not adequately address open source issues. To develop a proper FOSS governance system, an organization needs an understanding and appreciation of the specific requirements associated with using open source software throughout its entire lifecycle. A comprehensive FOSS governance system must include processes to track its use and ensure compliance with a growing set of issues, such as acquisition, licensing, support, and distribution.

This document is intended as a primer on FOSS governance fundamentals." (