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We've started the Free/Libre/Open-source (FLO) Solutions Working Group at Occupy Wall St because we believe that everyone should have access to the information they need to create the world they want.

Our group develops, deploys and documents free, libre and open source solutions to common challenges. Many of these solutions are emerging out of the working groups at Liberty Square so a top priority is providing these groups with technical support.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting 1 - 10/6/11

Meeting 2 - 10/10/11

Channels of Communication

Weekly meeting: Tuesdays at 3pm at Charlotte's Place at 109 Greenwich St, NYC. See our meeting minutes.

We generally hang out 12:00 to 18:00 at the LibreCafe on the southwest corner of Liberty Square, NYC or at Charlotte's Place at 109 Greenwich St.

If you want to connect with us please email solutions[at]nycga[dot]cc.




  • Technologist Skill Assessment

... what else?



Richard - Florida - web developer - in HTML CSS & PHP+GD.


  • Drupal
    • Matt
    • Nick
    • Sam
    • MSlats
  • Python
    • Chris
    • Marc
  • Civi
    • Charles


Occupy* Mobile Tools Curation Effort

Distributed Workflows

Agile Approach

Development Environment

Can someone describe our development environment here and how devs can get involved from the technical side?


Free Network

Members of the Free Network Foundation have established as Freedom Tower at Liberty Square that provides free WiFi the square's inhabitants and a secure network for communicating with other occupations.

Description of the Freedom Tower...

Next Steps

  • Assemble a Freedom Tower fabrication team
  • Acquire funding and space to build towers



PermaBank is a FLO solution for resource exchange. The first feature is a gifting platform where individuals and groups can post their wishes (requests) and gifts (offers.) We think this solution will improve the effectiveness of the gifting culture that has emerged in Liberty Square.

We will document our experience and how the system is working with the intention of providing other people occupying spaces around the world with the information they need to create their own currency solutions.

Join the list serve here

For more information visit PermaBank.cc or visit the OWS Currency resources.

Next Steps

  • Comment on wireframes
  • First development sprint: Sunday at noon - Sarapis office @ 134 Spring St.


On PlainSite, the law is in plain sight. Even if you're not an expert, you can help change it. The platform allows users to post problems and solutions in layman's terms, which can then be linked to specific parts of federal or (eventually) state law. It would make an excellent platform for listing demands as users can vote on which particular problems or solutions they support (or don't).

We need help parsing state laws. The site is located at http://www.plainsite.org.

Occupy Everywhere

We're incubating OccupyEverywhere on this wiki page.


We need to organize list moderators and people who can upload resources from the conversation into a wiki and write regular summaries (weekly?) about activity and discussion.

We're moderating the following lists

  • InterOcc is an inter-occupation communication list - Mailman


We're developing tools and techniques that help occupiers operate in a efficient, transparent and collaborative manner.


What up. <iframe src='http://thefnf.org:9001/p/LibertySquareBlueprint?showControls=true&showChat=true&showLineNumbers=true&useMonospaceFont=false' width=600 height=400>

Our Documentation

Other Documentation


  • Idea #1: Twitter-style policy/program proposals are published and rated by the audience (at least thumbs up / thumbs down). Could look like http://www.quirky.com/participate, with additional information and comments about each idea available with a clickthrough.
  • Idea #2: Develop and organize policies/programs through a wiki. We'd want to propel nuanced schools of thought about each issue, so it wouldn't be like wikipedia where there's just one page for each topic - we'd allow discrete policy/program versions as requested by contributors/managers. Each policy/program would have a self-selected community around it, and there could be the current proposal, implementation plans, public comments / discussion board, proposed edits, etc. To help the cream rise to the top, we could evaluate with: (1) crowdsourced ratings, (2) standardized analysis like cost-benefit, (3) recommendations of review board. The website should be designed to be optimal for contributors (e.g., collaborative technology, rights management, etc.) and visitors (e.g., organized and subcategorized and ranked so that all the good stuff is easy to find).

Other Occupation-Related Technology Projects

  • OccupyWeb.org - RSS Aggregator
  • Occupyideas.cc - Idea Voting System
  • OccupyHack Ideas - Tech ideas
  • v2. NYCGA.cc website - Wordpress + Buddypress
  • FLOearth.org - Joomla


  • Linux Install Fest: providing support to anyone who is or wants to run Linux
  • Solution Workshops: events that raise awareness about free/libre/open source solutions for healthcare, education, community organizing, etc.
    • Healthcare - WorldVista.org

Archived Conversations

List Summary 10/9


  • Devin - NYCGA.cc - September 20ish - got a weird error asking me to download a php file when I tried to register for the nycga.cc website.
  • Devin's gmail account was suspended for violating Google's 'terms of service' on Thursday, October 13th between 5pm and 8pm. He sent google an email and they gave him back his account.