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Reading through email/website minutes and messages it seems to break down like this:

Global Project Management Provides central place for all discussions, needs/wants of working groups and progress, maybe permabank.cc


Websites for all Occupations

  • nycga.cc - Only official website of the NYCGA

Built on WordPress and will be adding multisite for easy duplication for new occupations. This is already developed, correct?

May incorporate BuddyPress, however does this duplicate efforts by having many installations versus one BuddyPress installation and groups for each Occupy location? Is it to replace the use of Facebook, Twitter and other platforms that are monitored more closely? Is it important to have a central place place for all groups, discussions and forums across the country or is it better for each location to have it's own? This is worth exploring, as one of the concerns is having too much data on place/platform.

Social Networking Platform (maybe Global option) This would provide an alternative to Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to engage in dialogue across the country from all Occupy locations.

  • Diaspora - social network
  • Grou.ps
  • BuddyPress
  • Indenti.ca

Video Streaming

Provides shared multistreaming options for collaboration across all websites and platforms.

Collaboration Tools

This area seems to have the most recommendations and many of the options have similar features. To help find the best option it would be good to explore who will be managing it and how many people will be involved? What are the key tools needed and how many can be incorporated into one as opposed to having many systems/platforms to manage and maintain.


  • Shared documents
  • Shared calendar
  • Shared directory
  • Project Tracking (does this tie into Global Project Management above)


  • CiviCRM
  • OrangeHR
  • Alfresco asset management
  • Kune (alternative to Google Docs)
  • Learning system such as Moodle
  • ScholarPress
  • Zimbra
  • http://www.openmeetings.de/
  • thinkfree.com

Lastly, I know a currency alternative is being discussed, which is awesome! Are we also incorporating fundraising? Is that even possible? If so, for WordPress sites we can use this plugin: Personal Fundraiser to get individuals involved. I tested it out and works very well, so thought I'd include it too since the main websites seems to be built on WordPress.

Please add/edit to help define our goals and needs. Hope this helps for todays meeting. I look forward to hearing about notes/outcomes.